Plymouth Staff

Craig French

Bridge Minister


Following his call to ministry on a youth mission trip to Appalachia, Craig French served a variety of ministry positions and missional contexts—urban, suburban and small town—as a United Methodist pastor. Although raised in the hills and towns of New Hampshire, he was early drawn to urban ministry and to the city itself—its people, diversity, possibilities and struggles. After his retirement in 2015, he followed his wife and granddaughters in becoming part of the Plymouth congregation.

Craig remains active in the Syracuse community in several different social justice causes, especially dealing with poverty and racism; in catering to and cavorting with “les enfants terrible et magnifiques” who reside with him; in rediscovering the joy and blessing of choir music and church membership; in reflecting on the role of the Church, its leaders and God’s people in the world; and in contemplating the wonder, beauty and mystery of life and faith. He served as the volunteer co-executive director of ACTS (the Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse) throughout most of 2017.

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