Christian Formation


Most Sundays following worship, adults have the option to participate in Community Time and the Sunday Forum.

Sunday Forums

Forums are held after the worship service on most Sundays. Our forums last about 40 minutes and are led by speakers from within and outside our church who present topics related to the world, the nation, the community, and Plymouth Church itself. These talks typically address issues related to spirituality, politics, social policy, justice, and congregational life. Forums always end promptly at 12 noon to allow parents to pick their kids up from their Learning Community classes.

Small Group Ministry

Plymouth’s Covenant Community groups are intended to provide congregants with the opportunity to explore “life’s big questions” together and to build community. Groups ranging in size from seven to twelve people meet monthly in one another’s homes on days and at times convenient for their members. Members covenant to meet together for at least one year, to maintain confidentiality, and to share the leadership of meetings. Members support one another through crises and celebrations and listen deeply to what each other care about. Among the many topics explored by groups in 2015 were aging and identity; family caregiving; clutter in our lives; hope; loving our enemies; and taking risks with God.