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Heifer Festival

Sunday, May 5, 2019

11 AM


Plymouth Congregational Church

DID YOU KNOW? Environmental degradation in Mexico and other Latin American and Caribbean countries has increased because of the increased demand for coffee and cocoa. The increased demand has led to larger-scale production methods that are not eco-friendly. Crops are also increasingly vulnerable due to climate change.

Heifer International trains farmers in a sustainable agricultural approach that helps them better meet the high demands of the market while simultaneously using eco-friendly methods and earning a fair wage for their work through Fair Trade Certification opportunities.

HOW YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE: Prepare a dish for our Heifer Festival Potluck that includes at least one ingredient that helps promote sustainability, whether it is organically or locally grown, fair trade certified, grown by you, etc. What you would pay for a meal at your favorite restaurant? Consider donating that amount for your lunch at Heifer Festival.