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The Beatitudes
This playlist comes from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3-12). He climbs up a mountain and preaches to the people. The Beatitudes is a collection of blessings that Jesus spoke to show how the Kindom of God turns our expectations about what it means to be blessed upside-down. A helpful way for children to think about the Beatitudes is as Jesus painting a picture of God’s dream for the world and the people in it, and that God’s dream might look different than we might have imagined.

Bible Story
Read Matthew 5:3-12 in your Bible or “Jesus Teaches the Secret of Happiness” in your Children of God Storybook Bible or in another Story Bible.

Wonder together…

  • I wonder who Jesus is talking to…
  • I wonder what it means to be “blessed” (or “happy,” depending on your translation)…
  • I wonder which Beatitude (or blessing) is your favorite…
  • I wonder what the Kin-dom of heaven looks like…
  • I wonder if you ever see signs of the Kin-dom of heaven in your life…

Pray together…

God of Blessing,
Thank you for Jesus, who gives us a new way to think about blessing.
Help us to show compassion so that everyone can see the Kin-dom of heaven here on earth.
Your dream for us is so beautiful and your love for us is so big!

Children Playlists
Cartoon Children
1. Climb a hill or go for a hike and read the Beatitudes there. Does being up high or outside change how you hear it?

2. Draw a picture of your favorite Beatitude.

Songs:                         (Click the Titles to scroll down to videos below)
Climbing Higher Mountains

Blest Are They

The Beatitudes Song

Do these stories remind you of any of the Beatitudes? Which ones? Why?

I Walk with Vanessa” by Kerascoët

The Beatitudes From Slavery to Civil Rights” by Carole Boston Weatherford (ages 8-12)

My Heart Fills with Happiness” by Monique Gray Smith

Why Do We Cry?” by Fran Pintadera

Maddi’s Fridge” by Lois Brandt

You Matter” by Christian Robinson

The Magical Yet” by Angela DiTerlizzi